Makam Nakshatra predictions 2013 – Magam Nakshatram Astrology Predictions in 2013

In 2013, Makam Nakshatra will have a good period. You will get encouraging response from foreign locations to your queries. Financially it is a good year for many. Astrology Predictions for Makam Nakshatram for 2013 is given below: Makam Nakshatra, or Magam Nakshatram, is the 10th birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu Jyothisham or astrology. Makam Nakshatra is in Simha Rashi or Chinga Kurru (Leo Zodiac) as per Hindu moon astrology and traditional panchang and calendar.

Finance – Pending amounts will be cleared. Gains from sale of property or vehicle. Will sign important documents related to house etc. There will be some government related problems relating to money. Need to  be cautious while handling money.

Health – Health will be fine. Health of a child might cause some worry.

Business – It will not be a good year for those dealing in stock markets. Those dealing in farm products will do well. Legal matters will be decided in your favor. Loans will be delayed. Government related matters will be settled. Will see good developments during the third quarter of the year.

Career – It will be a good year to achieve career goals. Risks taken will bring positive result. There will be difference of opinion with seniors and those in management. Your enemies will try hard to bring you down. Do not be part of gossips.

Students will get good admission for higher studies. Results will be satisfactory. Will perform well in extra curricular activities. Artists and musicians will perform well. Disappoint for writers.

Marriage – elders might not be on same boat. Chances of heated arguments on marriage matters. Things will settle down for good soon.

Relationships – ups and downs. Behavior and words of those you consider dear will hurt you. Spouse might stay away. Children will be of great help.

Chances of pilgrimage and excursions with family or friends.

Travels will be hectic.

You need to offer prayers to Ganesh and Durga daily. Better understanding of human psychology will help you in dealing with tough situations. Keeping anger and expectation in check will help you a lot. Read chapters of Yoga Vasishta.