Bharani Nakshatra Predictions 2013 – Barani Nakshatram Astrological Predictions

Bharani Nakshatra, or Barani Nakshatram, will have favorable period during 2013. There will be drastic changes in career. Some of you can expect better jobs. Barani is the second birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Jyothisha or astrology. As per Hindu astrology and calendar, Bharani Nakshatra is in Medakurru or Mesha Rashi (Aries Zodiac). Below is the astrological prediction for Bharani Nakshatra in 2013:

Finance – There will be slight changes in money matters. Some of you will be lucky to get unexpected wealth. Loans might be delayed.

Health – There will be no major health issues this year.

Career – There will be lot of improvement at the workplace. You will get into the good books of authorities.

Relationship – There will be some trouble on this front. Some of your friends might turn enemies. Family members will be of great help.

Business people will have a favorable year. Legal matters will be sorted out.

Marriages will be fixed for those looking to get married.

Students will have a good time. Sports persons might face major setbacks. Writers and artists will be lethargic.

You will get opportunity to invest in new homes or vehicles. 

Some of you will be undertaking pilgrimages.

You might be the center of a scandal. It might cause some social damage.

Offer daily prayers to Ganesha and Vishnu daily. Take time to read Srimad Bhagavad Purana. To overcome a tough situation, you need to focus and have patience. Rash actions will only worsen the problems.