Abhijit Nakshatra June 2012 date and time

Abhijit Nakshatra is one among the birth stars (Nakshatram) as per Hindu astrology but is not counted among the 27 regular Nakshatras. Abhijit Nakshatra June 2012 date and time is from 9:03 PM on June 7 to 4:16 AM on June 8, 2012. It is considered a highly favorable and good period.

This is a special Nakshatra which starts from the last quarter of Uttarashada (Uttradam) Nakshatra and it extends up to 1/15th part of Shravan (Thiruvovam) Nakshatra. Abhijit Nakshatra is given importance by many Hindu communities.

Birth taking place during the period is considered highly auspicious.

The above time is based on Panchangs followed in western parts of India.