Shani for Tula Rashi – Sani or Saturn Transition for Thulam Rasi

Thula Rashi, or Libra Zodiac (Thulam Rasi) the transit of Shani or Saturn in 2011 is to the 1st house and is not good for this Rashi people. This is also the beginning of Sade Sati. Shani will stay in this particular house for Tula Rasi till November 2, 2014. As per certain astrology, horoscope calculations and Panchang – this transition took place on November 14, 2011. As per another set of astrological calculations it will take place on December 21, 2011.

This will be testing and trying period for this Rashi people. You will lack enthusiasm.

There will be lot of disappointments.

Income will be not up to your expectations.

You will lack optimism and will adopt negative traits.

Legal issues and police case for some.

Should be careful while using iron, fire and vehicle.

There will be no major health issues.

Do not indulge in any illegal activities. This might harm your reputation.

Job or study related travel for some.

Health of a family member will be cause worry.

For a peaceful family life you need to have a patient approach.

Solution – Hanuman and Ganesha worship on all days.