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Today is Diwali November 5, 2010 – Important Rituals and Pujas on Diwali day

Happy Diwali
Ganesh, Lakshmi and Kuber Puja is the most important puja on Diwali day. But apart from this there are numerous other rituals and festivals that are held on the day. Here is a list of pujas and rituals and festivals observed on Diwali day on November 5, 2010
Abhyanga Snan – Ritual bathing during Diwali
Yama Tarpanam – For dead Ancestors
Naraka Chaturdasi – Deepavali celebrations in South India
Kali Puja – Worship of Goddess Kali in Bengal
Sharda Puja – Dedicated to Goddess Saraswati
Lakshmi Puja – Worship of Goddess Lakshmi
Kamala Mahavidya Jayanti – Worship of Goddess Kamala – Tantric worship of Goddess Lakshmi
Tihar Festival – Diwali in Nepal
Chopda Puja – Muhurat Puja in Gujarat and Rajasthan

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