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Pradosh Vrat dates in September 2013 – Shiva Pradosha Fasting Dates in September 2013

Pradosha, also known as Pradosh, is a highly auspicious day dedicated to Lord Shiva in a Hindu month. In September 2013, the dates of Pradosh are September 2 and September 17. There are two Pradoshas – one during the waxing phase (Shukla Paksha) of moon and another during the waning phase (Krishna Paksha) of moon. It is said that Lord Shiva and Parvati are in a happy mood during Pradosham period and they shower blessings on devotees.

The Pradosh Vrat on September 2 falls on Monday and therefore it is known as Som Pradosh.

The Pradosh Vrat on September 17 falls on Tuesday and therefore it is known as Bhauma Pradosh.

On the day, prayers are offered in the evening or during the twilight period.

Fasting from sunrise to sunset is the most widely observed activity on Pradosham day. Pradosham begins around 1.5 hours before sunset and end one hour after sunset. Most Shiva devotees mainly spend this time at a Shiva temple. If at home devotees chant any of the mantras dedicated to Lord Shiva or read the Shiva Purana.

There are staunch Shiva devotees who fast on both the Pradosham. Some people only observe one Pradosham in a month.

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