Karka Rashi August 2010 – Astrology Predictions for Cancer Zodiac

For people born in Cancer Zodiac, or Kark Rashi, August 2010 is a favorable month. You will be successful in job interviews. Those looking for new job opportunities will have plenty of them in the desire field. Creative professionals, teachers and those in medical field will get opportunities to show their talent. Students will have to work hard. There will be travel related expenses.

There will be some misunderstandings with colleagues at the workplace. You will get opportunity to show your experience and talent. Some of you will be forced to take up additional responsibilities. Not a good month to change jobs. Business people will see rise in profits. A large amount of money which was blocked for longtime will be released. There will be some issues with employees.

There will be increase in financial expenses. Avoid spending on luxury items. Investments should be made after thorough research. Avoid those investments that promise huge profits in short period. There will be huge gains from property deals. There will be some legal trouble regarding ancestral wealth.

Some of you will be undertaking pilgrimages. There will be some misunderstandings between couples. Parents will be of great help. Marriages will be decided for those who are looking. Romantic endeavors will be successful. There will be some health issues mostly resulting from mental agony. There will be happy occasions in the family during the later part of the month.