Simha Rashi June 2010 – Leo Zodiac Astrology Predictions

People born in Simha Rashi, or Leo Zodiac, will have a good period in June 2010. There will be success for students, professionals, and business people. Those searching for new jobs will be lucky in this month. There will be some domestic issues which need to be solved patiently. Those in the creative field will get fame and money. Success will also create enemies.

You will be offered new position and new responsibilities at the workplace. A jealous colleague might cause some problems. Avoid bossy ways. Business people will make good gains in the month. There will be gains from travels. Loans will be approved and pending funds will be released. Chances of accidents are high.

Financial status will improve. Spouse will be of great help in money related matters. There will be unexpected gains from an earlier investment especially from stock and property. Some of you will get opportunity to do repair work on your home. Investments on vehicle and household items should be made only after thorough research.

Children and other family members might cause some trouble. Friends will be of great help. Marriage plans will move ahead smoothly. There will be some health related troubles. Some of you will be undertaking spiritual journeys.

(This monthly astrological prediction is specifically prepared for blog. We translate it from an Indian regional language into English and we are not astrologers.)

Please note that Astrological predictions should not be your guide in life and it should not be given undue importance. Belief in that supreme power plus determination, hard work and trust in your abilities can override any prediction.