Kumbha Rashi June 2010 – Aquarius Zodiac Astrology Predictions

People born in Kumbha Rashi, or Aquarius Zodiac, will have a fairly good period in June 2010 – there will be some trouble from friends or relatives. Those looking for new job opportunities will be able to overcome some difficulties through their skill and wisdom. Students will perform well.

At the workplace you will get good opportunities to prove your talent. You will be rewarded for the good work done in the past. There will be some trouble from colleagues. Business people will have a stagnant period. There will be some good news regarding new ventures and partnerships. Legal troubles will be over.

There will be financial gains. Those that had applied for financial helps will be able to get them. Some of you will be investing in vehicles or in other costly items for home. There are chances of theft or some financial irregularities. There will be education related spending.

There will be some trouble with neighbors or relatives. Children will make parents proud. Marriages will be fixed for some. Travels will be tiresome. There will be some health troubles and hospital visits. Those in relationships will face some trouble.

(This monthly astrological prediction is specifically prepared for the blog. We translate it from an Indian regional language into English and we are not astrologers.)

Please note that Astrological predictions should not be your guide in life and it should not be given undue importance. Belief in that supreme power plus determination, hard work and trust in your abilities can override any prediction.