Makar Rashi April 2010 – Capricorn Astrology Predictions

People born in Makar Rashi, or Capricorn Zodiac, will have a favorable period in April 2010. Professionals will see good progress in career. There will be plenty of good job opportunities for Makara Rashi in this month. There will be some initial problem with foreign jobs. There will be unexpected financial gains. Some of the important matters that were held up due to various reasons will be solved.

Professionals will be given important posts and jobs. There will be transfers for some. Government related matters will be solved easily. Business people will find it easy to get loans in this month. Partnerships will be successful. There will be some employee related troubles.

Some of you will get opportunity to complete property related deals. Not a good month to enter into speculation. Ideal period to start long term investments. You will get opportunity to modify your home and invest in new items.

Visit to spiritual places along with family is a possibility. There will be some delay in marriage plans. Students will get to hear positive news. Artists might face some trouble. Health will be fine.