Vrishaba Rashi March 2010 Astrology Predictions

In English Zodiac, the Vrishaba Rashi in Hindu Astrology is known as Taurus. Vrisaba Rasi people will have a fairly decent month in March 2010. There will be good opportunity for self employed professionals born in this Raasi. Those looking for new jobs might see some initial hiccups. There will increase in income for some. Some people might face some legal troubles.

Professionals will have a good month and some of you will get new positions. There will be overseas trips or travels for some. Some of you will improve the relationships with seniors and management. Some might face some minor accidents at the workplace. Business people and those involved in agriculture will get positive signs in the month. New plans and introduction of new machines and employees will bring profit. There will be some government related and legal troubles for some business people.

There will be increase in income for some. An additional source of income will open up in the family. There will be some bank related troubles. You will be investing in valuables that will get you fame. There will be income from government related matters. Self employed professionals and artists will see increase in income during the second half of the month.

Those relationships that had turned sour due to misunderstandings will improve. Marriage plans will be delayed. Students will not be able to perform up to expectations. Youngsters will make name and fortune through extra curricular activities. Children will be more demanding. Health will be fine. Health of a family member will be of some concern.