Vijaya Ekadashi 2015 Date

Vijaya Ekadashi is observed during the Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month as per traditional North Indian calendar. The corresponding period in other regions is Krishna Paksha of Magh month. Vijaya Ekadashi 2015 date is February 15. This Ekadasi is observed as Pankoddhar Ekadasi in Orissa. It is believed that Vijaya Ekadashi fasting was observed by Lord Ram before he crossed to ocean to reach Lanka.

The popular belief is that those observing this Ekadasi will emerge victorious. The importance of this Ekadasi is mentioned in the Skanda Purana and was narrated by Lord Brahma to Sage Narada.

Legend has it that when Lord Rama and his army – the Vanarasena – was searching for a means to cross the ocean to reach Lanka, Laxman mentioned about a great a Saint who lived nearby and said that perhaps he might provide us with a solution. It is this sage who mentioned about Vijaya Ekadasi to Lord Ram and its benefits – observing it will help in being victorious.

All the usual fasting rituals associated with Ekadasi fasting observed on the day. Grains and rice are avoided.

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