Simha Rashi March 2010 Astrology Predictions

In English Zodiac, the Simha Rashi in Hindu Astrology is known as Leo. For people born in Simha Rasi, March 2010 is a mixed bag with fluctuating fortunes. Those looking for new job opportunities will get good offers from the third week of the month. This Raasi people will be showing special interest in spiritual matters in this month. Good month of self employed persons and artists.

Professionals might face some trouble at the workplace. You might be a victim of office politics. Avoid gossips and stay low for some time. Some of the problems will be solved by month end. You will be appreciated for an earlier job. Business people will not see any major changes in profits. New projects will be successful. There will be some accidents at the workplace. Some of you will be investing in new machines and inventories.

There will be unexpected financial gains for some. Some of you will make initial payments for a desired house or property. Chances of theft or loss of valuables. Expenses might rise. An additional source of income will not be of much help in this month. There will be gains from stocks and chit funds.

Students will be happy with their performances. Desires of the family will be fulfilled. Travels will be successful and hassle free. Relatives might cause some worry. There will be some minor health issues. Marriages will be fixed. Those in relationships might fall prey to jealousy and gossips.