Kanya Rashi March 2010 Astrology Predictions

In English Zodiac, the Kanya Rashi in Hindu Astrology is known as Virgo. March 2010 is a good period for Kanya Rasi people. New jobs will be hard in your desired field. Later part of the month is good for changing jobs. You will be highly enthusiastic thanks to the financial gains. Some money related troubles can be expected during month end.

Professionals should avoid taking harsh decisions. Those decisions made patiently and with consultations of seniors and colleagues will bring fame and fortune. There will be positive news related to your career. Business people should be careful while making new deals. There will be gains from a new business project. Theft or accidents might cause some loss.

There will be some family related expenses. Avoid spending beyond your limits. There will be gains from a past investment and stocks. There will be some legal trouble related to a property. Good month to make investment in a new home. Parents and relatives will help you financially. Self employed professionals will make good financial gains.

Auspicious functions will be organized in your home. Singles and bachelors will get good matrimonial responses. Some of you will be forced to shift residences. Students will perform well in competitive exams. There will be increase in expenditure related to education. Health will be good. Health of a family member might cause some concern.