Dhanu Rashi March 2010 Astrology Predictions

In English Zodiac, the Dhanu Rashi in Hindu Astrology is known as Sagittarius. March 2010 will be a good month for Dhanur Rasi people. Apt month to change jobs. Those looking for new jobs will be lucky during the middle phase of the month. Avoid skipping work or keeping them pending. You need to approach land deals cautiously. Marriage plans will be delayed for this Raasi people.

Professionals will get help from seniors and management people. At the workplace, you will get a position which has authority. Avoid arguments with colleagues and others at the workplace. Some of you will be making travels to different places. You will be making business plans and you will get gains through contacts. You will be invited to participate in social and development matters. Business people will face some trouble during month end.

There will be financial gains. You will be investing in new items for your home. There will be gains from stock markets, chits and other such investments. There will be an additional income opportunity in this month for some. Avoid trusting friends with investments. Not a good month to make major financial transactions.

Married couples might get into arguments. Students will get opportunities to show their talent and skills. Some of you will be visiting holy places. There will be some skirmishes with friends and relatives. You will be participating in spiritual activities. Health will improve – an illness causing trouble for sometime will be cured.