Meena Rasi February 2010 – Pisces Astrology Predictions

February 2010 is a tough period for Meena Rasi people with some good news in the financial matters. The new job opportunities on offer will not be in your desired area. Meen Rashi people might see plans for the month going wrong. There will be some delays and minor problems. This Raasi people might hear some good news related to family members in this month.

Professionals might have some problems with colleagues. At the workplace, some of you will be offered new position and will be assigned new projects. There will be positive results from court. Youngsters will perform well at the workplace and will earn name and fame. Business people will be concentrating on social work as part of new business strategy. There will be unexpected gains during the first half of the month.

There is a chance of theft or loss of valuable objects or documents. Some of you will be making an important investment or purchase in this month. Some of you will find funds to solve a major financial issue. There will be positive response from government related matters.

Married couples might have some difference of opinion. You might create some enemies due to your behavior and talks. Children might cause some concern. You might solve an outstanding issue with a family member. There will be no major health concerns. Students might face some trouble. There will be disappointment in matters of love and marriage.