Kanya Rasi February 2010 – Virgo Zodiac Astrology Predictions

The first fortnight of the month will be tough for Kanya Rasi 2010. There will be gains during the last two weeks of the month for this Raasi. Those looking for new jobs might see some delay. Most job opportunities that will be offered will not be in the desired area. There will be some legal troubles for some Kanya Rashi people.

Professionals will have to face some tough situations. In spite of some struggle there will be success at workplace. Your reputation will improve. Some people might try to trap you by offering bribes or other offers. Business people will see gains from government related works. Some you might decide to go independently in business.

There will be financial gains in the month. Some of you will get parental wealth. Some of you will make investment in vehicle and other costly items. There will be opportunity to modify home. Some of you will find it unable to stick to monthly budget. Stay away from illegal offers. Stick to traditional investment and earning methods. There will be gains from speculation.

There will be positive and happy incidents in the family. Some of you will see improvement in health especially from those diseases that were troubling you for the past couple of years. There will be celebrations and auspicious functions at home. There will be peace and prosperity in the family. Students will face some difficulties. Marriage will be fixed for those looking to get married.