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Surya Grahan January 2010 – Solar Eclipse on January 15, 2010 in India

A Surya Grahan, or Annular Solar Eclipse, will be taking place on January 15, 2010. This Surya Grahan will be visible in India, Africa, Europe, Middle East, and parts of China and Southeast Asia. It is not visible in USA and Canada. Surya Grahan January 2010 India time is from 11:25 AM to 3:15 PM (Indian Standard Time.)

Surya Grahan Kaal on January 2010 – Hindu Astrology Time

As per traditional Hindu Astrology, the Surya Grahan time on January 15 is as follows:

Surya Grahan Sparsh kaal is 11:17 AM

Surya Grahan Madhya kaal is 1:18 PM

Surya Grahan Moksh kaal is 3:04 PM

Surya Grahan Parv or Punya Kaal is 3:47 PM

According to NASA, the solar eclipse on January 15 is an Annular Eclipse.

In India, the path of eclipse is through South Kerala and South Tamil Nadu. Maximum Grahan will be visible in Trivandrum and other regions in south Kerala and in Tirunellveli, Madurai, Thanjavur and Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu.

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