Punartham Nakshatram 2012 – Astrology Predictions in 2012 for Punarpoosam

Punartham Nakshatram, or Punarpoosam Nakshatra, is the seventh birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu Jyothisha or astrology. The first three quarter (45 Nazhika) of Punirtham is in Mithuna Rashi or Mithunakurru (Gemini Zodiac) and the last quarter is in Karka Rashi or Karkidaka Kurru (Cancer Zodiac) according to Hindu moon astrology calendar. Punartham Nakshatra astrology predictions for 2012 is given below:

For people born in Punartham Nakshatra, 2012 is a good year. Some of your plans will materialize this year. You will also see some desires fulfilled. Self confidence will increase.

There will be good financial support for your plans. You will move ahead in career. There will be gains for farmers and business people. There will be financial gains this from other incomes.

Children will be demanding. Students will perform well both academically and in culture field.

Some of you who had to face false accusations will be cleared of it.

Patience and control of temper will help in success.

Some of you will change your residence.

Marriages as per desire will be fixed this year. 

Might get relief to disease that was troubling you for longtime.