Moolam Nakshatram predictions 2012 – Moola Nakshatra Astrology Predictions in 2012

Moolam Nakshatram, or Moola Nakshatra, is the 19th birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu Jyothisha or astrology. As per Hindu moon astrology, panchang and traditional calendar Mulam is in Dhanu Rashi or Dhanu Kurru (Sagittarius Zodiac), Astrology Predictions for Moolam Nakshatra for 2012 is given below:
For Moolam Nakshatram, or Moola Nakashtra, 2012 is a good year. You will be able to fulfill your desires this year. You will exude confidence. You will be able to overcome tough situation through enthusiasm. You will be successful in new job interviews.

There will be gains from property sale.

Should not hesitate from taking advice from elders, colleagues and seniors.

You will be able to complete new house work and also move in.

Students will get admission in their desired stream.

Professionals will get promotion and transfer to desired location.

You will get respected in society.

You will get opportunity to travel abroad and also to holy places.

Those in business will have a good period.

Some of you will get opportunity to stay with parents.

Luck is in your favor this year. You will win in lottery and games.

You will be forced to keep check on the activities of children.

Health will be fine.

Marriages will be fixed and held.