Karthigai Nakshatra 2012 – Karthika or Krittika Nakshatram Astrological Predictions in 2012

Karthika Nakshatram, or Karthigai or Krittika Nakshatra, is the third birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu Jyothisham or astrology. Karthika astrology predictions for 2012 is given below. As per Hindu astrology calendar, first quarter of Karthika Nakshatra is in Medakurru or Mesha Rashi (Aries Zodiac) and next ¾ quarter is in Edavakurru or Vrishaba Raasi (Taurus Zodiac). 

For most people born in Karthigai (Karthika or Krittika), 2012 will be not a good period financially for people born in this Nakshatra. You will not be happy with your present job and remuneration. Advice of elders and seniors should not be overlooked. Those in high position will face employee related resentment. Those in business will be forced to sell off properties to raise funds. There will be trouble in partnerships.

Students might not get expected results. There will be some trouble from children.

Some of you will get ancestral wealth. New jobs during year end for some. Home renovation plans will run into trouble. New house construction will face some trouble.

There will be some tension in the family mainly due to your non-availability.

Might face some vehicle related troubles.

Health will be fine.

Marriages will be fixed and held.

Delay and postponement in travel plans.

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