Initial Problems and Mental Hurdles to Overcome Before Becoming a Seeker - Dnyaneshwari

The first hurdle is the misconception that one has to renounce the world and be a Sanyasi for taking up the spiritual path. The Gita teaches us otherwise and considers Sanyas as unnecessary.

The second hurdle is the fear that spiritual exercises would divert the mind from the duties of the office and impede success. This is also not correct. Spiritual exercises instill a discipline into one's person, remove fear and make one more efficient. In fact, many yoga and meditation techniques have been adapted for pacifying the mind and instilling a positive approach to life. Many executives pay high fees to attend such courses and workshops where these techniques are taught and find then beneficial. Even big commercial companies send their executives to such courses. The philosophy of the Gita goes much beyond that.

The third hurdle is the mental impediment about the availability of time. This again is baseless, for one can always find a few minutes in a day, even while travelling to work, to ponder over spiritual matters or read about it.

The fourth hurdle is the problem of how to go about it. Who would guide and tell whether the path taken is correct or not? and so on. The Gita answers many of these questions and suggests many paths which one may choose from depending upon one's personality.

Source – excerpts from a commentary on Dnyaneshwari by Vishwatmak Jangli Maharaj Ashram Trust