Atham Nakshatram predictions 2012 – Hastam Nakshatra Astrology Predictions in 2012

Atham Nakshatram, or Hasta or Hastam Nakshatra, is the 13th birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu Jyothisha or astrology. Atham is in Kanya Rashi or Kannikurru (Virgo Zodiac) as per Hindu moon astrology, panchang and traditional calendar. Astrology Predictions for Atham Nakshatra for 2012 is given below:

For people born in this Atham (Hastha or Hastam) Nakshatra 2012 is a bad year.

The beginning of the year you will face many troubles including impediments in all kinds of work. Avoid making huge investments in business.

Things will improve by the middle of the year and there will be success in most areas.

There will be difference of opinion among couples. Partners need to show lot of flexibility.

Avoid unnecessary spending of money. Need to understand your financial statues before jumping into big decisions involving money.

 Many of you will not be happy with job offers. Will not be happy with the atmosphere at the workplace. There will be difference of opinion taken by seniors.

Some of you will return to native place. Those working abroad might lose your job.

Students will have a normal year with performance below expectations.

Should not drop new projects, ideas and business – take advice from elders and those experienced in the field.

You might be lucky in escaping from accidents.

There will be some difference of opinion with relatives.

Pregnant woman should be careful.

Health concerns for some.

Marriage will be delayed.