Utpanna Ekadasi 2015 – Uttpanna Ekadashi

Utpanna Ekadasi is observed during the waning phase of the moon in the month of November – December. Utpanna Ekadasi 2015 date is December 7. The significance of Utpanna was narrated to Arjuna by Lord Krishna and is mentioned in the Bhavishyottara Purana. For those devotees who like to begin the monthly Ekadasi fasting, Utpanna Ekadasi is the Ekadashi that they should start with.

People can escape from the bad effects of all the sins accumulated during the previous births and this birth. Thus Utpanna Ekadasi helps in attaining Moksha.

Fresh beginners who want to undertake Ekadasi fasting start it with Utpanna Ekadasi. They can continue it forever or for a year. How long it is continued depends on the devotee.

All the normal rules associated with Ekadasi are observed during Utpanna Ekadashi.
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