Tula Rashi November 2009 predictions

Tula Rashi people will have a period of ups and downs in November 2009. You will need to make decisions in a hurry. New job opportunities will be hard to come by. You will get opportunities to prove your worth at the workplace. There will be some financial gains in the month from an unexpected source.

Don’t miss out on professional opportunities as it might lead to regrets later. At the workplace you will be busy with new projects and an old pet project might be taken away from you. Business people will have a good period. Not an ideal month to start a new franchise or to indulge in new partnership. Bank loans will be approved.

Avoid making investments in haste. There will be some unexpected expenditure this month. Before joining or making any finance related investment read the documents properly. Some of you will get back lost ancestral property. Students will win scholarships.

Some family issues and arguments might irritate you. Bachelors and those in relationships will take a step forward in the direction of marriage. Friends will be of great help.

Stress and tension related health issues will keep troubling in the month.