Kanya Rashi November 2009 Predictions

For people born under Kanya Rashi, or Virgo Zodiac, November 2009 will be a period of positive developments. Good job opportunities will arise for those looking for jobs. There will be professional gains. You will be forced to make compromise for family members. Legal matters will sorted out.

Professionals will be respected at the workplace by colleagues for their efficiency in solving crisis situations. Not a good month to change jobs for professionals. An old office issue might return to haunt to you. Business people will be surprised at the fresh gains. Good month to launch new products and to start new franchises.

You will get ancestral property. There will be gains from earlier investments. Some will invest in land and vehicle. Some might indulge in lavish spending. Not a great month to join new investments. Good month to invest in real estate.

Marriage plans of bachelors will meet with success. Family members will be demanding. Married couples will go on travel. Students will be lucky. Those in relationship will fix marriage date.

Health will be fine.