Purnima September 2010 – Bhadrapad Poornima or Full moon day in Bhadra month

The full moon day in a traditional Hindu calendar is known as Purnima, or Poornima. In South India, it is known as Pournami and in some regions it is referred as Pournima or Poonam. Some devout Hindus observe a fast on the day from morning to evening. The Purnima in September is the Bhadrapad Poornima or Bhadra Purnima and is of great importance. September 2010 Purnima date is September 23.

Bhadrapad Purnima marks the beginning of the Pitrupaksha fortnight. The next fifteen day is dedicated to observing rituals and rites for dead ancestors, parents and relatives. Some communities start the Shradh rituals from the Purnima day.

On Bhadrapad Poonam day, Ambaji Temple in Gujarat observes an important festival on the day.