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Surya Grahan July 2009 Dubai and Middle East Time – Solar Eclipse Timing

There is a Purna Surya Grahan, Total Solar Eclipse, on July 22, 2009. The Surya Grahan happens in the morning hours in India and China (India Time is from 05:29 AM to 07:40 AM). The July 22, 2009, Solar Eclipse is a partial solar eclipse in Dubai (UAE) and Oman. The eclipse is not visible in most parts of Middle East like Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain. Pregnant women in these regions need not worry much as it is a partial eclipse but those who are concerned can stay indoors. Here are the timings of the partial eclipse in Middle East Asia as per local time:

All Local Timings as provided by NASA:


Dubai – 05:43:00 AM to 05:47:39 AM


Oman – 05:43:00 AM to 05:47:39 AM

The Surya Grahan begins in the western parts of India and passes through China and ends in the Pacific Ocean.

The entire Total Solar Eclipse as per Indian standard time is from 05:28 AM to 10:42 AM.

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