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Dahi Handi 2017 date

Dahi Handi 2017 date based on Marathi calendar followed in Maharashtra. Dahi Handi is observed a day after Sri Krishna Jayanti mainly in Maharashtra and Goa. Dahi Handi 2017 date is August 15. On the day young boys and girls form human pyramids to break open the Dahi Handi pots hung high above. The young men and women re-enact one of the favorite pastime of Lord Krishna – his stealing of Dahi from pots in houses in Vrindavan.

This ritual is also known as Gopalakala and the Dahi Handi pot which is hung at a considerable height is an open challenge to the young boys and girls in the area. The competition is organized by various organizations and societies.

The Dahi Handi pot contains Dahi poha – a mixture of beaten rice (poha), curd, sugar and pickle. The pot is also decorated with flowers and currency notes.

The young boys in the region form human pyramids, sometimes reaching up to eleven stories, to reach the pot.

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