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Vrischika Rashi July 2009 Astrology predictions – Horoscope

For people born in Vrischika Rashi, or Scorpio, July 2009 is a favorable month. The Surya Grahan on July 22, 2009 will have a have mixed effect on Vrischika Rashi. Professionals will be able to win the support of colleagues with liberal approach. Students will have a good month. There will be no major gains or loss in money matters.

Some people might face slight competition at the workplace. Some of you will be appreciated by your superiors for attracting new deals. Chance of getting new project. Avoid gossiping. Business people will have a stagnant period. Things will improve by the end of the month.

Not an ideal month to invest in stocks or to make other investments. The financial flow will remain the same. Should think about traditional saving methods. Some of you will inherit ancestral wealth. Avoid being a spendthrift.

Not a great month for those who are single and looking. Family members will be supportive. Married couples will have a good month and some of you shall start planning a holiday. Those in relationship will face rough weather.

Possibility of some health trouble especially diet related.

(This monthly astrological prediction is specifically prepared for this blog by a professional astrologer. The blog only translated it from the regional language into English and we are not astrologers.)

Please note that Astrological predictions should not be your guide in life and it should not be given undue importance. Belief in that supreme power plus determination, hard work and trust in your abilities can override any prediction.

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