Sant Ravidas Jayanti – Guru Ravi Das

Sant Ravidas, also known as Guru Ravi Das, is a Hindu social reformer, who openly challenged the caste system and untouchability. In 2018, the date of Sant Ravidas Jayanti is January 31. Sant Ravidas Jayanti is the birth anniversary of this great saint and social reformer. Guru Ravidas was a devout worshipper of Lord Ram and his compositions contributed to development of the Bhakti movement in India during the medieval period.

It is believed that Sant Ravidas was born on the Magh Poornima day in 1376. From childhood, he was immersed in spiritual activity and soon spearheaded the fight against discrimination based on caste and preached the idea of equality.

He is the founder Guru of the Rai-dasis Sect, also known as Ravidasi. Several Hindu sects consider him as Sant and the Sikhs consider him as Guru Ravidas Ji. There are 41 verses of Sant Ravidas in the Sikh Holy Book, Guru Granth Sahib.