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What to do during Surya Grahan? – Surygrahan or Solar Eclipse in Hinduism

There are numerous recording of Surya Grahan, or Solar Eclipse, in Hindu scriptures. The most famous being the Suryagrahan during the famous Mahabharata war. Usually, Hindus do not perform any work during Surya Grahan and they purify themselves by taking a bath and by chanting mantras. A complete fast is undertaken by many Hindus during the period. In Hindu religion, taking a holy dip at sacred rivers and tirths on the Surya Grahan day is considered highly auspicious.

Update: The next Surya Grahan is on July 11, 2010. But this is not visible in India and major parts of the world.

Ancient sages and texts like Brahman Siddhanta restrict viewing the eclipse – one should look at an eclipse through a cloth or a reflection of it. A pregnant woman should never look directly at an eclipse.

Mantras Chanted during Surya Grahan

Some of the important mantras that are chanted during the Surya Grahan include:

Gayatri Mantra

Ashtakshara Mantra dedicated to Shri Krishna. Ashtakshara mantra is ‘Shri Krishna ha sharnam mama.’ Astakshari Mantra is also taken as ‘Om Namoh Narayan Na Yah.’

Mahamrityunjay Mantra is also chanted during eclipse.

Other mantras chanted are Surya Kavach Strotra and Aditya Hridaya Strotram

It is important that one chants mantra, or remember god in any form, at this time to keep calm and the aura clean.

Hindu Temples Remain Closed

All Hindu Temples remain closed during Surya Grahan. Temples open only after proper rituals are performed to get rid of the ill effects of the Surya Grahan. However, some Lord Shiva temples remain open during Surya Grahan as Lord Shiva is considered as ‘Layakara,’ who Himself is an embodiment of darkness.

Fasting During Surya Grahan

Adult Hindus stop eating 12 hours before a solar eclipse. Children, old people and those who are ill stop eating 3 hours before the beginning of a solar eclipse. If the solar eclipse ends after sunset, then people fast during night and consume food only next day morning.

One should not take food at the time of Grahan because it is said that at this time the most harmful rays from the sun can be seen and absorbed.

Pregnant Woman and Surya Grahan

Normally at the time of Surya Grahan, pregnant women are supposed to not come out of the house, with no sunlight entering either by doors or windows. This is to avoid harmful rays. You can find more detail regarding Surya Grahan and Pregnancy in this article.

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  1. I heard that pregnant women should not come outside or go to work on the next day of surya grahan also. It is called Grahana Soola. Is it true????

  2. I have not heard about the next day but i have heard that pregnant women should not watch the Surya Grahan due to harmful rays affecting the baby...

  3. Some people say that bad effects of Grahan can be avoided by applying GERU (GOROCHAN) on stomach of pregnant women. This keeps the baby safe. Secondly pregnent women should not go out of the house in sunlight & should not do any work. She should enchant mantras, bhanjans, prayers of God.

    Are all these true ?

  4. what is the other solution for pregnent women during surya grahan? Please specify the same.

  5. In NEWZEALAND , at what time surya grahanais there? if pregnanat woman, at hwat time, they must do fasting . please reply.

  6. Fasting is not mandatory. It is only observed by few Hindus and being pregnant you should follow your doctor’s advice. I don’t think the Surya Grahan will be visible in New Zealand. It is not mentioned by NASA. And this is only a partial solar eclipse so you don’t need to worry much.

  7. Hi am in Boston USA when is the Surya grahan effects this place becoase am pregnanat i want to take rest druing that time

  8. Dear

    I am Indian & pregnanat kindly advice me waht precautions should be taken in surya grahan of 26th january' 09 in details so that it won't effect my baby. my email id is

    kindly reply as soon as possible....

    waiting for the reply....

  9. I am hindu brahman, living in Dubai. I want to perform "Tharpanna" for elders.. pls. guide me what time I should do... pls. reply my e-mail Thanks/Regards

  10. You can perform the Tarpan during morning hours

  11. Has suryagrahan can get any impact on the people living in unitedkingdom.solution...

  12. Please folks, there is enough evidence to prove that there is no :harmful: effect of solar eclipse of pregnant women or even normal people. This is a myth, a superstition - and please keep it at that. There is no harm in partially blocking a source of light, any "harmful" rays would be blocked too ... such as UV etc.. and NO effect on an person, except AVOID looking directly at the sun - it is so bright, it can damage your eyes (eclipse or no eclipse - all the time). thanks

  13. Hey Anony.. are you a Christian to just tarnish Hinduism.. you are at the wrong place. SURYAGRAHAN DOES EFFECT FOR PREGNANT WOMEN AND NORMAL PEOPLE TOO.. DONT SPREAD FOOLISHENSS IT IS A MYTH.. YOU ARE A MYTH..

  14. scientifically and shastras match in solar eclipse view


  15. Calling it a myth or superstition is as good as deceiving oneself.

    These findings on Grahan's effects on people by our ancient seers are true. Saying that its not true is not only

    disrespecting them but also like saying those people did not think at all. There are different ways to gain

    knowledge and only scientific research is not the only method. There are many methods to gain knowledge, Our

    ancient seers gained them by meditation and other methods of trial and error. Everything they said cannot be said

    wrong and some might have got corrupted over the years. They might have found it axiomatically, like I learnt that

    we cannot prove that a parabolic mirror produces powerful beam of light and nobody has stopped using it till it has

    been proven. Modern research is very dependent on funding money and people/organisations/govt dont want to spend on

    something they are not sure of the finer aspects and effect of natural phenomena and hence some staunch people who

    only depend only on research cannot be relied upon. There are certain things where we should not wait till it is

    proven scientifically. It may be too late. Some bad affects (of eclipses on people of different 'rashis') may not

    show up immediately, but after a period of time. Its like waiting to many years to prove a camera works until you

    yourself build one and find out and then use it (not worth re-inventing a camera). This may not be a good example I

    gave, but close to it. Some people of certain rashis actually benefit from an eclipse.

    For just a max of 100 years a man lives, its better to accept some truths rather than waiting a 10 to 20 years for

    something to be proved like astrology that has been written 1000s of years ago. Modern research tends to be too

    much dependent on funding and obviously with a commercial motive, like "what am I going to gain after this

    research". And they want quick results also which is unlikely for a research on Eclipses.

    Too much is being relied on statistical research. One day you read coffee is good for health and another day the

    same paper prints its bad for health.
    Look at the advertisements on US TV channels. You see an advertisement about a drug and after a couple of minutes

    there is a lawyers' advertisement saying 'were you affected by a blah blah drugs side effects?.. come we will fight

    for you for compensation'. With due respect to medical research and scientists, unfortunately, most drug research

    seems to be limited to short term research in a hurry to bring out a product for commercial reasons which can cause

    harm to people at large. It also seems to be causing proven traditional medicines sidelined or ignored or not

    sufficient attention given.

    Astrology is been also derided as inexact science. Astrology (closely related to eclipses)is based on the effect of

    planets on earthlings including men on the earth. Its well known that earth revolves around the sun because of

    gravitional force. If the Gravity between sun and earth(and between other planets and earth) can affect each

    other, why not on the inhabitants of the planet, however small it maybe?. Remember small forces on an atom add

    together to cause full forces or just the existance of an object. Little drops of water make a big ocean.
    Astrology needs a lot of depth of knowledge about various permutations and combinations of planets and stars which

    as stated earlier may not be a very good candidate for funding on research with commercial interests (although

    people are already making quick money in giving predictions despite not sufficient knowledge)

  16. the ill effects of the Eclipse were observed since ages in India and the future generations are warned. It is upto us to take care of ourselves. Nothing harm in protecting ourselves though you do not trust it fully. But please do not label it as "Myth". Thank you!

  17. i don't understand this, sorry but can you explain more accurately why we shouldn't eat before Grahan? Thankyou

  18. It is possibly because the food eaten that is in the system, turns poisonous. That is why it is advised one shd eat 12 years before eclipse, so that by about 8-10hrs food is digested and expelled from the system. However in extremely unavoidable circumstances, people like kids or the sick people are advised to take food or water mixed with darbha leaves(Garike in Kannada) to minimize or possibly nullify the bad effects

  19. hello , i am an aspiring actress ,so wil it effect my proceedings towards my career , as per astrology my charts r good but wil this grahan effect me in any which way

  20. I am one month 8 days preganent, there is a chandra grahan on 7th july 2009, pls tell me at what time is the chandra grahan and what precaution is to be taken

  21. You don't need to worry Mukul the chandra Grahan is not visible in india and all over the world it is a partial eclipse and is only of academic interest.

  22. hi i am three months pregnant , I am in USA, is surya grahanam on july 22nd?? should i not go outside the whole day? when does it start and how long does it last?

  23. I am 6 month preganent, there is a chandra grahan on 7th july 2009, pls tell me at what time is the chandra grahan in Oman muscat and what precaution is to be taken

  24. Pregnant ladies in US, check with your local temple for timings.Its is recommended that you don't see sun during the grahan time and don't eat any leftovers

  25. I have read some of the previous comments. Oh, how offended we get because someone calls an aspect of our religion a myth. So what if they do? What is it to you? Your offense in no proves that you are a genuine follower of Hinduism.

    I smile, shine, when people ignorantly speak of my religion. I never take offense. You should forgive them, and then strive to lovingly correct them.

    In Loving Friendship,

  26. I am surprised to learn that there are people out there even in 2009 who will listen/talk crap about shunning the miracle that is total solar eclipse. Go out and watch the splendour man. You will be sorry if you miss it, I tell you. I am a hindu Brahmin staying in India and I am telling all of you so. Come on, wake up.

  27. @Anonymous
    Even me being a BRAMHIN use to think that way.All these to be crap and nothing else but trust me dude get pregnant and 2 months into it you will do ANYTHING i really mean ANYTHING that is said to be good for your baby no logic no myths no nothing counts then...
    Mark my words even if you are the dad you will do so.We did and so does a lot of Hindus Smile

  28. Many celebrities were also born during eclipses. Eclipse occurs throughout the year many times, so all expecting mothers have been exposed to eclipses atleast once before or during baby birth. We all had been influenced by eclipses when in our mothers womb, does that mean we are all facing problems?
    Some fake astrologers and orthodox thoeries scare us with such views. In "Medini astrology" it has been clearly indicated that eclipse does not cause harm to humans.
    Please do not post such wrong articles in the name of Hinduism. First learn the mythologies, know Hinduism before posting such articles. Hinduism is a vey old religion and all our rishi muni's were scientists, know about them properly before posting such wrong articles.

  29. I guess people believe in such things after some experience. Thanks for letting us know about such things.

  30. I am a US educated scientist turned business person. It proven fact that the some short frequency waves that do not normally reach earth in normal circumstances.. or some reach in much less concentrations do reach earth during eclipse. Many of them are harmful to living being.

    So, please whatever religion you believe or dont it does not matter.Go do some research in NASA and Harvard medical Journal and find out for yourself before broadcasting like a ignorant person that it is only a MYTH. I usually do not respond to most posts but felt like it is my duty to counter with better information.


  31. solar eclipse story is more than 4000 years old in hinduism. i am not against NASA but do not agree with those people who take such events as superstition.
    so during solar eclipse one may be blind if looks the sun directly and is advised to do as per the directives of the hindu pandits and eye doctors.
    gehendra chandra bhandari,nepal

  32. what will be affected for scrpio sun sign please let me..

  33. what will be affected for scrpio sun sign please let me..

  34. heyy guys,can anyone plz tel me why we shd nt go out during a student n i hav an important class in d morning,shd i go out or miss my class jst bcoz of d eclipse.

  35. LOL. Rishis were scientists. Which of them was one? They may be a bit of good philosopher occasionally and kind of better imaginative person at the time. No way a scientist. There are many myths in India. The Eclipse is by no way harmful to anybody on earth. The sun is as dangerous as any other day on an eclipse day. Please stop spreading your lies and fears. My wife was pregnant during last Eclipse and we did not fast and attended all daily chores as usual, with wife getting outside in the sun etc. So please do not spread such ancient myths and lies.

  36. How many electro magnetic waves were discovered? (probably few) and do you accept there are many more to be discoverd? (definitely more than what has been discovered). It seems that modern science is only scraping the surface whereas many of which hindu vedas and upanishads have already spoken, and so many more to be identified by modern science. The western world tries to see things pragmatically which often may be true but not always as they themselves say to trust their INSTINCT (more than often in their real lives), and ofcourse they do express some hidden bias just to claim their superiority over the rest of the world. Please dont forget that the intellectual anicient humans lived in asia not in the western world.
    Anyways coming to the topic on why not to eat food during grahan.. it is well agreed that there will be some harmfull waves or rays during grahan time... so why dont you take you food to X-rays or UV rays and put your food for about 30 mins there and then eat it, if you cannot dare to eat this then you should not eat food during grahan. Try this pragmatic and scientific way.

  37. @all non believers and believers of "SCIENCE"

    You can argue that "THERE IS SCIENTIFIC PROOF" that there is no harm due to the eclipse.

    Science is constantly advancing. It may be possible that someone proves the ill-effects of solar eclipse in future.

    There are so many phenomenons in this world that science still cannot explain. At the same time there are many things that can be understood due to recent advances in science.

    Before Newton, where were Equations of Motion;before Einstein where was Relativity; before Gallileo it was believed that the Earth was flat.

    So I humbly request people not to say "THERE IS SCIENTIFIC PROOF" for something.

    What has been stated in sacred Indian texts has been there for thousands of years. Believing them or not believing them is up to the individual.(whereas NASA or Harvard medical Journal has been there only since the recent past)

    Its better to be safe than sorry!

    Lakshman (
    ( I am an engineering PhD student in USA)

  38. Hi , Namaste , Salut

    I am nobody.

    ...but i have observed that hindus have already writting about parallel universes etc in their scriptures , long Before science! is just a way to confirm what we as hindus already know. science has always copied our scriptures, gained ideas from them.

    Image a fire or a boiling pot of water, the steam coming out of this pot will not burn you, but when you put a lid on it, the them the steam becomes extremely hot and dangerous. thus the eclipse rays could be harmful. ( and for the proof... well no one proved that the "0" which was invented by the hindus, is real and can be defined, and lOOk how it works in todays Life! )

    Mr kajan lakhan(add me on facebook)
    ( engineer ) " what i learnt in engineering and maths at an age of 20 years old, was already introduced to me at 7 years in the form of the vedas, the ramayan and hindu philosopy!

  39. I second what Anonymous has written.
    I believe in one quote "work is worship". Does this mean everyone should sit inside the house, shut them down and avoid working on this day...
    Common everyone, we are living in 21st century. Don't indulge yourself in superstitious believes, it only complicates one's life and makes you believe in whatever our elders say.
    Imagine what you will be telling your growing up children? Will you be able to make them believe in these things? I bet NO.

    I am in IT, working in Canada and I am a Brahmin too from a very orthodox family.

  40. In today's world NO ONE IS A BRAHMIN.

    Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Sudras were classified according to their occupation and not according to their birth.

    You don't become a Brhamin just because you father was one or because you were a thread.

    The very fact that you are working itself makes you disqualified as a Brahmin.

    People who say "I AM A BRAHMIN" are just making racial discrimination.


  41. Krishna Shastry V SJuly 30, 2009 at 9:06 AM

    Hi everyone.

    I totally agree with Lakshman. People, jus dont say that you rea brahmin just becoz you wear a thread or you are born in a "supposed to be" brahmin family. A brahmin is one who constantly think of Loka Kshema (The welfare of the world). And many of our generation doesnt know wat is the meaning of this concept at all.

    And, very soon, we can see that all the concepts in India texts like vedas, shastras etc would be scientically proved, just for all your sake. Believing and following this will help us and oour generation in long term.

    Krishna Shastry V S

  42. Hi all,
    My intention here is not to offend your religious beliefs. But believe me - please come out of the superstitons.

    I am a married lady, I have been pregnant and I have a child of 2 years. But I have not followed any of these practices. I have given my son to eat during the time of eclipse and believe me he his fit and fine.
    We are living in the scientific world - please understand that eclipse is only a scientific phenomena and does not bring any bad luck. Not eating is no solution - you only will leave yourself starving and please pregnant woman and kids - do not starve.
    The simple idea behind all this is just that one is not supposed to view the sun directly, be it on an eclipse or any other day. But people do get tempted and hence we need to put restrictions like staying inside the doors. If all the myths were really true, then all factories, industries, schools, hotels, bus and railway services should have been closed that day? But do they do that ?
    All religious practices and superstitious are just born out of one's own convenience - thats it.

    Kindly understand the FACTS.

  43. Actually, I respect your views and opinions expressed in your anonymous email about solar eclipse and its effect. I would like to convey that anyone being in the three situations may take foods during the eclipse hours. They are children, old and sick people. So if anyone needs food during eclipse hour they may have it. There is not such a restriction as you think and thus there is no question about starvation.

    However I don’t agree with your opinion about your sayings that in Hinduism staying without food during the eclipse period are only superstition. We find there are restrictions in every religion and they follow it. A fasting for few hours thus make no harm to any one, therefore, I respect the sayings in our holy Purans as well as the facts that the scientists have discovered. But at this moment I would ask the scientist why have they still are unable to double the human age even after many discoveries and inventions they have achieved.
    Hinduism is not only a myth.

  44. hi i am preg 4 months
    the solar eclipse we are getting tommorow ends at 3.15 my time here will that be fine if i go to work after 3.15 pm from home?
    please answer

  45. oh sure there should be no problem. You can go to work after that.

  46. I cant believe that there are so many fools even PhD fools around here! These people are not worth their PhD. Better they leave the institution and stop spoiling research.

    Even in Mahabharatham, lord krishna and everyone else were in the open space when the solar eclipse occured. If it applies to them, then its foreveryone! lol.
    Ok. Leave them all. Tell me what not to do today. And i'll prove that nothing'll happen. I can dare doing that. Is anyone ready to accept the challenge?

  47. In ancient times,people feared all unknown phenomenon ,made them divine and stared worshipping them. Earlier it was considered that some demons are eating the sun during Solar eclipse.People used Darbha grass on food items before solar eclipse and will consume the food after the eclipse. It is assumed that adding Darbha will nullify the harmful effect of the so called Solar rays. In that case how about the vegetables in the farmland, the oceans, the seas which provide water.? Is any one adding Darbha to those? People need not be a scientist to make or break a myth. But they can be logical.
    According to the Hindu shastras, crossing a sea which is called "SAGAROLLANGHANA' (crossing the sea or ocean for any purpose) amounts to going against religion. It is considered a sacrilege by Hindus in Olden times.
    In fact for this reason only Lord Rama prefered to go to Sri Lanka to bring back Sita Devi and built a bridge across. Did Hanuman violate the rule because he crossed sea by air first?
    I have seen most people asking that we are US and what to do for solar eclipse. I am sure you all have crossed sea and came here. Omg!!
    India did moon mission.Moon is also treated as divine. IITs are the centres of excellence. Still most people live in dark ages.Scientists/Engineers should create some kind of awareness and make them logical.

  48. is it scitifically true that eating while solar eclipes causes any harm

  49. There may be some truth that it is harmful. The problem is that everyone wants scientific evidence for everything. These people dont understand science itself is evolving only slowly. People should listen to what people did thousands of years ago because they have gone through it. Science is when proof is provided that some 1000 people lost sight after looking at the sun during an eclipse. so much for science.

  50. People have crossed seas and gone to Andamans and infected the aborigines with some disease which they never had resulting in extinction of these tribes. That is why crossing the seas is bad against religion. The sages of ancient times where not idiots like today's logicians.

  51. @ Doctor i agree with you.
    I have been eating on solar eclipse from past 24 years and nothing has happened. I have also gone out and nothing harmed me. I think we should not center our lives based on some MYHTs. Its OK to believe/not believe in facts that havent been proven yet but one should not force it on others. Also, let us wait for science to give logical proof than making life hell out of certain myths!

  52. Doctor your disdain for wisdom is laughable. I know you must have prescribed many drugs approved by 10 years of clinical research and withdrawn for side effects after milking the market for profits. And for the guy who told that nothing happened for last 24 years wait till the 25th or 26th year before you open your mouth.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. In the ancient times, we Indians believed that lightning was a bad omen. I am reading Julius Caesar, written by Shakespeare, and before the night Caesar is murdered, there is storm and cosmological chaos. Caesar was killed.
    Scientists like Galileo proved that the earth is round. Galileo, what many of you may be unaware of, was hung to death. Reasons, anyone? He repeatedly said that the earth was round. People disagreed. Even in his last moment of death, he constantly murmured, "Eppur si Muove", meaning that the earth is round. I dunno, if Galileo, inventor of Galilean Telescope, lived for some more years, what inventions would have been credited to him, which might be unproven, unseen or unheard of in the present day science. Thus, a genius rationalist was killed.

    Now, we have an answer, why lightning and thunder wreaks havoc in the skies. Are those stupid reasons still applicable, that God is angry? Nope, they aren't.

    It is really heartbreaking to see PhD and Research students of INDIAN ORIGIN (yeah, its in upper case), believing in all these superstitions and stupid beliefs. These INDIAN AMERICANS (i.e. Americans of Indian origin and ancestry) still think they're doing great by believing in these kinda things. They think, they're keeping a TRADITION alive. It isn't a tradition. There's a difference between TRADITION AND SUPERSTITION. Touching of the feet of old people and taking "Aashirwaad" or blessings is a tradition, not a suerstition. My grandma never does anything, in which there's a number 3 or 13 or 8. Now, is that a tradition or superstition?

    I've read the above comments, and I conclude that all arguments in favour of such ancient beliefs are not only hollow, but seemingly harmless. They're harmless to you, may be harmful to some other one.

    Instead of practicing these things, wouldn't' it be better that children (and adults, of course!) are taught how this phenomenon occurs, how the light rays are blocked, something about scientific terms as wavelength and frequency, and other beautiful phenomenon.

    As for the one talking about Scientific HARVARD MEDICAL JOURNALS AND things like that, I'd say, give me the link. Hope, you're that lazy to press Ctrl-V to paste a link over here.
    Its nice to see that the Government and many others with scientific temperaments are ready to shun these superstitions. That includes the CM of Bihar as well.
    Many other NGOs and government organizations, like SPACE, based in New Delhi, are working in this direction to promote awareness.

    So, Muslims and Christians, don't worry, cause in your holy books, there's nothing about solar eclipse and their consequent evil effects ! that's funny! if you a are a muslim, it doesn't affect, and if you are a hindu it affects !!!!

    And for others, please stop proving the validity of these things and other superstitions.
    Show me the magnitude of variation in the Gravitional field of the earth in the eclipse-duration. Hope you're not lazy enough to use the NEWTON'S APPLE formula:

    F=Gravitional Force
    M=Mass of Earth
    m=Mass of body
    r=distance between the particles
    G=Universal Gravitional Constant

    The formula is:

    Use calculus, mathematical analysis to prove whatever you've all said.

    By the way, I believe that Creation is so perfect that it doesn't need a creator. I'm an atheist since age 7.

    For other formulas, refer :

    CONCEPTS OF PHYSICS Vol.I by Professor H.C. VERMA of IIT-K

    HALLIDAY, RESNICK, WALKER-fundamentals of physics

    Go, get some life, and don't use words like magnetic field and magnetic flux, say
    Force=Mass X Accelereation, if speed of the particle or body is very very less than light v<<c.

    Thank you.
    Reply to my comment.
    I like to debate(in a healthy manner).

  55. Can any one tell me what time the Grahan is expecected to get over ?

  56. Not eating during solar eclipse may be a myth, but always there was a reason behind creating such myths. this myth may be started to privent people from the harmful sun rays. Letting people know the reason behind doing such things was quite difficult, so myth creaters may have labled as god thing so that people will follow it.
    and about not eating, the reason may be priventing from eating the things exposed to sun during solar eclipse...

  57. Please stop. It is ridiculous that people in 2010 are still believers of myth and stupid superstitions.

    The solar eclipse is a gigantic shadow caused by the moon. It is beyond stupidity to believe that it would harm you. The eclipse is a phenomenon where the a solid object crosses a source of light causing a shadow in effect. It's a magnified form of you putting on a light bulb at your place and then moving a cricket ball in front of it and see the shadow cast by the the cricket ball.

    Just because the ball moved infront of the bulb, does that mean that the bulb started emitting dangerous radition apart from visible light ? The same damm logic applies to a solar eclipse. The sun continues and emitting the same spectrum of radiation that it emitted before the moon crossed it.

    So i implore of all you intelligent people here in this great country of ours, please go back and read your 4th standard science books and come out of the dumb superstitious believes that you have.

    Hinduism is a great faith & has tremendous respect all over the world, but superstitious believes like these is what kills the respect that people have for the religion.

    - A True Indian

  58. Mr Physics does not know that all that was scientifically proven took a billion years to formulate. So much for Formulas. Though people did not know the scientific reason they had the common sense to understand the dangers which in their innoncence they attributed to the anger of Gods.

  59. Most of the toxic substances in the world was discovered by the 'brilliant scientists'.

  60. I am not sure if its a myth or fact. But the truth is, no one should look into the sun at any point of time. When eclipse happens, people wonder how it looks like which makes ppl to go blind.

  61. The present generation never believed in Ayurveda, but people started realizing the benefits of Ayurveda. Moreover, it has proved it effectiveness through 5000 plus years of post marketing research. Just like the ancient people knew the benefits of neem, tulsi, and turmeric. Some day the superstitions will be proven to be the truth.

  62. Eclipses are harmful to people only when you look at them with the naked eye, in which case, you can be blind. Otherwise no question of fasting arises. I took my lunch also in time today and perfectly happy and in good health. Some half educated hardcore Hindu people believe in all these.

  63. I am not an astrophysicist but have a lot of interest in Physics and all fundamental sciences and also a strong believer of Our Vedic culture and the traditions which were laid down by Our Ancestors. I am a Cardio-vascular surgeon by profession and I am just trying to explain all that I could understand scientifically:

    1. One thing which comes to my mind is that during an eclipse, at the time when moon falls in between the earth and sun, the rays from sun light travel along the corners of the moon and they gets diffracted.
    2. This diffraction might possibly cause a prism effect when the diffracted sun's rays meet after they traverse the moon before reaching the earth which in turn could result in two interesting phenomena - (a). A prism effect and (b). Huygen's secondary light waves
    3. This prism effect might possibly result in emission and absorption spectra a phenomenon which occurs on the core of the star and this results in the formation of helium. The emission spectrum might result in some genetic malformations in the fetus and this possibly might be the reason why Our Ancient Rishis have warned pregnant women (within the first 5 months of pregnancy in the Kaumara bhruthya) not to get exposed to Eclipse.
    4. The Huygen's secondary wave formation which is a resultant of diffraction along the moon's borders (on both sides) might result in alternate emission and absorption spectra as a result of Interference of light (as explained by the famous Young's double slit experiment). These alternate emission and absorption spectra might result in turn into constructive or destructive interference (in phase and out of phase interference). And at this juncture if you are able to arrive at the vector sum of the displacements of different waves at that point due to the interaction of a specific birth star might result in varied effects on people belonging to varied birth stars. The classic example is the formation of Newton's rings during a normal sunlight which (Newton's rings) only gets aggravated during and eclipse.

    5. And guys .......... Newton had come up with Gravitational Theory which gives a quantitative value of force of attraction between two masses ......... and Our Ancient Rishis have possibly arrived not only at the quantitative aspect of the force of attraction but also at the qualitative aspect of the force of attraction between two masses under the subject - Vedic astrology/astronomy???

    And guys ........ all physicists and doctors, its our duty to explain the scientific mechanisms underlying the Indian traditions which were laid down by Ancient Rishis who were also referred t as drashtas as they had the power to see through ......... thoroughly.

    For eg., Sage Agasthya had mentioned to Lord Rama just before the Great War against the demon ravana in his narration in Adithya Hrudayam (in the 12th verse) that the sun rays ride on 7 horses (saptha ashwa), which clearly hints at the presence of all 7 colors in sun's rays. Ashwa in sanskrit also means 'that which does not die' or 'that which has different colors'.

    Little knowledge in sanskrit and general interest in our own culture will actually do a lot of good to our country in particular and the world in general instead of rubbishing aside anything which belongs to our culture.


  64. "And guys ........ all physicists and doctors, its our duty to explain the scientific mechanisms underlying the Indian traditions which were laid down by Ancient Rishis who were also referred t as drashtas as they had the power to see through ......... thoroughly."

    Thank you so much for those encouraging words Dr.

    That is exactly what I aspire to do


  65. yes, after 3.15 you can go to your work it will not harm the baby.

  66. Usually pregnant women rounds KUSH around the womb so as to keep safe during eclipse hour for the baby. Kush is used in every ritual in Hindu culture. It is a plant like grass.

  67. Looking directly in to partial solar eclipse can cause permanent blindness why?

    Reason why one should not directly look at partial solar eclipse is below

    As per Wikipedia
    ------------------ ):
    "Partial solar eclipses are hazardous to view because the eye's pupil is not adapted to the unusually high visual contrast: the pupil dilates according to the total amount of light in the field of view, not by the brightest object in the field. During partial eclipses most sunlight is blocked by the Moon passing in front of the Sun, but the uncovered parts of the photosphere have the same surface brightness as during a normal day. In the overall gloom, the pupil expands from ~2 mm to ~6 mm, and each retinal cell exposed to the solar image receives about ten times more light than it would looking at the non-eclipsed sun. This can damage or kill those cells, resulting in small permanent blind spots for the viewer.[36] The hazard is insidious for inexperienced observers and for children, because there is no perception of pain: it is not immediately obvious that one's vision is being destroyed."

    -- srihari konakanchi

  68. People say many things. Shall we believe all?
    We Indians have a tendency to think, out culture is great, because there's nothing else that we can brag about. Dubai brags of highest buildings. China brags of intelligent minds. Japan brags of industry. India Brags of culture. Its true that we are the descendants of such great people, called Rishis, and Munis (saints and sages). Simply because Gandhi was great, shall I say, his siblings and children are also great??? So why the heck do we brag about ancient India. Come to the real world. Brag something which you did yourself or are directly related to it.

    Ya'all have provided justification for whatever ancient indians have said. Now here's a question? WHY DOES NOT STEHPEN HAWKING, RICHARD DAWKINS, RICHARD FEYNMAN, EINSTEIN AND NEWTON, THOMAS YOUNG, dE BROGLIE ETC. ETC. NOT THINK OVER THIS MATTER ? WHY DID not they calculate the changes in the sun's radiation ? Why did not HENRY CAVENDISH measure the deviation in the wavelength of light during Solar Eclipse, and instead measured the Universal Gravitational Constant for him ?
    A simple, *stupid* and *condemnable* answer to all this: They did not know anything about indian culture, they didn't know about the great indians ... etc etc. Laugh upon yourself. LOL

    Whoever says things like this:
    Alright, now science also hails one theory as correct, and another one proves it incorrect, so MIGHT be these SO-CALLED-SUPERSTITIONS be proved true someday ?
    My answer: Hang science to death. Put it to test. Test science. If you find that whatever said by Newton, which is accepted today, is false according to you, then okay. Write an email to Cambridge University about your discoveries and inventions. LOLzzzz

    For Indian americans : PLEASE COME BACK TO INDIA. You are practising such STUPID things and spoiling the NAME of Indians abroad, and lead Americans to construct prejudices against indians in their minds.

    That was all that I had to say.
    one who cares.

  69. REPLY to Chandran:

    "Most of the toxic substances in the world was discovered by the 'brilliant scientists'."
    Why the hell do you say this? Everyone knows this. If scientists will not invent and discover, then will the street children of India invent ?

    "Mr Physics does not know that all that was scientifically proven took a billion years to formulate. So much for Formulas. Though people did not know the scientific reason they had the common sense to understand the dangers which in their innoncence they attributed to the anger of Gods."

    -Firstly, were there humans before a "billion" years ? HAHAHAHA

    -Secondly, as one of the above cardio vascular man explained it, does this seems common sense to you ? A magnetic field can produce an electric current, in the ABSENCE OF ANY BATTERY,CELL ? This is common sense ? haha How stupid.

    [apologies for vulgar language]

    Indians seem to be obsessed in their past culture. Get some life, stop daydreaming. And I am pretty sure, CHANDRAN, that you don't know a thing ABOUT Physics and Chemistry !

  70. Oh people please come out of the superstition. You dont need any scientist to proove anything. Think logically and you can proove it to yourself.

    I was very happy that one of the temples in Dakshin Kanada - Karntaka, arranged lunch ( rice) for the devotees at th e time of the eclipse to ward off the superstition. Atleast, if religious instituitions take such a move, then they make people understand.

    I hope more moves are taken towards driving of the myths and I just did one now.

  71. Hello All

    This blog is about Hinduism - not science vs hinduism or modernism vs traditon debates.

    People who dont like traditional beliefs in Hinduism are totally free not to do so. Please allow others who do also the same priviledge.
    Perhaps you can start a blog yourself and promote modern, scientific, foolish whatever aspects of Hinduism yourself. Guess lots would read it too.

    Its just that these comments spoil this blog experience for people who are hear cos we believe...

    Abhilash - over to you. Please moderate comments. Its Your blog - to bring Hindu culture to the world not to bash it...

  72. @ Anonymous

    We do moderate comments. But we accept all sort of positive criticisms. Hinduism is not a stagnant religion. It grows by accepting new developments.

  73. How relevant when tomorrow there is an eclipse. Thanks for enlightenment. Attitude and arrogance of young scientific generation just made my faith strong. Chemicals responsible for creating positive emotions just got a shot of adrenaline. Hahaha..


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