Mithuna Rashi February 2009 – astrological predictions and horoscope

Mithuna Rashi is known as Gemini. February 2009 will bring mixed results for Mithuna Rasi. The Surya Grahan on January 26 will have good effects on Mithuna Rashi. There is a strong possibility of health complaints this month. Financial status is good and there will be happiness.

Professionals will have a tough time and will need to pay more attention at workplace. Be cautious about business ventures and with people around you. Favorable time for investment. Some financial worries might arise by month end. Will have tough time in the dealings with government.

Will have a good and peaceful family life this month. Chances of new friendship or relationship are a possibility.

Health will be poor. There are chances of some medical expenses.

(As per the demand of several readers – this astrological prediction is specifically prepared for this blog.)

Please note that Astrological predictions should not be your guide in life and it should not be given undue importance. Belief in that supreme power plus determination, hard work and your abilities can override any prediction.