Amavasi in January 2011 – Amavas or No moon day

Amavas or Amavasi in January 2011 is of great significance as it is Somavati Amavas and also there is a Surya Grahan. Amavasi January 2011 date is January 4. But the Amavasi begins at around 2:30 PM on January 3, Monday - so January 3, 2011 has been marked as Somavati Amavasi. The Amavasi ends aroudn 2:15 PM on January 4. Tarpan and Shradh are to be performed on the morning of January 4.
here is also a Surya Grahan on January 4 in the northwestern parts of India. This is a partial Solar Eclipse.
Amavasi is also the last day in a month in calendars followed in Karnataka, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra.
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