Shashti in January 2009

Shashti, or Sashti, is the sixth day after Amavasi (new moon) and Poornima (full moon) in a traditional Hindu calendar and is dedicated to Lord Muruga or Skanda. The Sashti after Amavasi is considered highly auspicious by Muruga devotees. Fasting on Sashti is considered highly beneficial and some devotees observe a complete fast for 24 hours. The date of Shasti fasting is January 2, 2009.

Lord Muruga, also known as Shanmukha and Subramanian, is widely worshipped in South India, especially by Tamilians. In North India, Lord Muruga is known as Kartik or Kartikeya.

Many devotees make it a point to visit Lord Muruga temple on Sashti day.

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