Mesha Rashi 2012 predictions – Aries Zodiac astrology predictions for 2012

For people born in Mesha Rashi, Aries Zodiac, 2012 is a mixed year as per Moon sign astrology predictions. There will be some trouble during March, April and first half of May. New jobs and success in interviews from July onward. Vehicle related accidents during the last few months of the year.

This year you will need to show lot of patience for success.  Social status will improve.

Expenses should be controlled. You should avoid making expenses beyond your income. Avoid making promises related to finance. Should not give huge loans. Financial worries will ease by June. At the workplace should not keep work pending. Colleagues might not be helpful during the middle part of the year. Property disputes will be solved.

Luck will be in your favor during the first six months. First six months are good period for businesses and investments. Avoid competition during year end. Enemies might cause some trouble during the third quarter of the year.

Avoid loose talk. Temptations should be avoided. Arguments might get your into trouble. Avoid taking matters to court.

Travel plans will be delayed.

Diet related health problems might trouble you. Pregnant woman should be careful.

Marriages during the latter part of the year.

Some of you will be blessed with a healthy child.