Meen Rashi 2012 predictions – Pisces Zodiac or Meena astrology predictions for 2012

For Meen Rashi, Pisces Zodiac, 2012 is a mixed year as per moon astrology predictions. Meena Rashi will see some trouble in family and also trouble related to money this year. Start of the year is good for job seekers. Children will bring unexpected gains to family.

Plans will be put into action this year.

There will be an additional source of income for you this year.

Business people will make new partnerships. Employees might cause some trouble. Legal matters will not be in your favor.

Spouse might cause some worries for you.

Health should not be neglected.

Artists will have a good year.

You will get into scandals.

August is not a good year – there will be some financial times, stress and trouble from relatives.

New friendships will help in your career.

To accomplish your tasks you need to show patience and flexibility.

Travels will be successful.

Students will perform well in exams. Higher studies as per desire.

Should be careful with vehicles. Chances also of burn related accident. So be careful with fire.

You will invest in a new home.

You might get into bad habits due to stress. Should not give into such things.

Sometimes it is best to ignore certain things that you know is wrong. Get into the good books of management. That will help you in future.

Government related matters will be solved.

There will be some unexpected expenses this year.

Luck is not in your favor so do not put money in short term investments.

Marriage will be delayed.