Karka Rashi 2012 predictions – Cancer Zodiac astrology predictions for 2012

In 2012 Karka Rashi, or cancer zodiac, people will have a fairly good year as per Hindu moon astrology predictions. There will be some tense situations – you should try to control your anger. Those looking for jobs will be disappointed with offers. Not an ideal time to change jobs. Year end will be in your favor with lot of gains.

There will be new responsibility at the workplace. You will earn respect from your colleagues and management.

There will be enthusiasm and energy.

Family life will be happy.

Successful travels to foreign countries.

There will be some huge family related expenses.

Artists and sports people will have a good year.

You not trust other people with important work. You should find to complete all important tasks.

Business people will have average months for most of the year. Sometimes you will not be satisfied with the results. Good year to experiment with new ideas.

If you show patience you can achieve a lot this year. This is because there will be so initial trouble in most of your activities.

Auspicious ceremony in the family including marriage.

The money you had given long back will be returned.

Should not do unwanted display of wealth. While traveling you need to be cautious.

Students will be disappointed with results. You will do in cultural related matters.

Disputes with friends and relatives will be sorted out during year end.