Kanya Rashi 2012 predictions – Virgo Zodiac astrology predictions for 2012

For Kanya Rashi, or Virgo Zodiac, as per moon sign astrology predictions, 2012 will begin with some trouble but things will improve and you will do well by year end. Some of you will get promotion and transfer. Job seekers will be disappointed with the salary offered. Those in high position should avoid misusing your authority as it might put you in danger.

There will be some financial difficulties during the start of the year.

This year all decisions should be taken after due consideration. Do not shy from taking advices.

There will be some health trouble during the initial months of the year.

Travels made during the first quarter of the year will not be successful.

Unnecessary talk and politics will weaken your position at workplace.

The second quarter of the year is favorable for you. Your hard work will be appreciated at the workplace.

You will buy new vehicle.

House renovation will be delayed.

Those staying away will get opportunity to be with family members during important occasions.

A family problem worrying for awhile will be solved this year.

Marriage as per desire for some.

Students will be disappointed with results.

There will be some tough situations for business people. Maintain your calm and you will be able to overcome the situation.

Money related problems will be there throughout the year. Good planning will save you from borrowing money.

Avoid being lazy and lethargic. As it might cause serious damage to your job.

Stomach related diseases might keep troubling you this year.

Scientists and those in legal field will perform well this year.

There will be good news in the family.

You will see positive changes during the 3rd quarter of the year especially in August.

Friends and relatives will be of great help.