Dhanu Rashi 2012 predictions – Sagittarius Zodiac astrology predictions for 2012

For Dhanu Rashi, Sagittarius Zodiac, 2012 is a good year with some initial troubles as per moon astrology predictions. Those looking for new jobs will get positive response from the second quarter of the year.

The beginning of the year will be bit tough with some worries at workplace.

Should avoid taking risks with law.

Should study all aspects before making decisions at workplace.

You will succeed as per your expectations. Your predictions will come true.

There will be peace in the family.

There will be happy occasions in the family. Child birth in the family.

Students will perform well in competitive exams.

You will have to sacrifice some of your interests for the sake of your family.

Business people will have success in projects and plans implemented during the last quarter of the year.

Artists will progress well.

There will be some stomach ailments troubling you this year.

You will be spending money on modification of house and on needs of family members.

There will be promotion and transfer for some.

Those looking to get married will have their wish fulfilled.

Friendship will be made with people in power.

Pregnant women should avoid unnecessary travels.

Some of the hurdles stopping your progress will be removed this year.

Avoid arguments and unhealthy competition as it will only ruin your peace.