Vaikunta Ekadasi 2008 – Is there a Vaikunda Ekadashi in 2008?

The past couple of days I have got several mails asking what is the date of Vaikunta Ekadasi in 2008? Usually, Vaikunda Ekadashi festival is observed in December – in the Tamil month of Margali or Margazhi (December – January) and the corresponding Telugu Month is Pushya. The date of Vaikunta Ekadasi in this Margazhi is on January 7, 2009. Therefore there is no Vaikunda Ekadashi in December 2008. Vaikunta Ekadashi is also known as Putrada Ekadasi or Mukkoti Ekadashi.

The Margazhi month begins on December 16, 2008. Vaikunta Ekadasi falls on Margazhi 23 and it is on January 7, 2009.

There are several calendars on the internet that is indicating December 9 and December 23 as Vaikunta Ekadasi and it is wrong. The confusion was primarily due to the date indicated in some government calendars. If you read the Panchangam, you will get the correct date.

Even i had made the mistake of following the government calendars, any inconvenience caused by the misinformation is regretted. I apologize for the mistake.

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