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Osho Thoughts on Happiness

Human beings can be tremendously happy and tremendously unhappy – and they are free to choose. This freedom is hazardous, this freedom is very dangerous because you become responsible.

Happiness happens when you fit with your life, when you fit so harmoniously that whatsoever you are doing is your joy.

We have been distracted into unnatural preoccupations: money, prestige, power. Listening to the birds is not going to give you money. Watching a butterfly is not going to help you economically, politically, socially. These things are not profitable – but these things make you happy.

A real human being takes the courage to move with things that make him happy.



  1. beatiful comment from a beatiful man. Man has to think again over his priorities in life but i would like to add one more statement..kahoo to kahoo aakhir sunta kaun hai ?


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