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Dashain in 2010

Dashain is one of the most important festivals in Nepal and it is the Nepali counterpart of the 9-day Navratri Festival and Durga Puja in India. Dashain is worship of Mother Goddess and the origin is traced to Durga killing demon Mahishasura. Mostly, it is a ten day festival. In 2010, Dashain begins on October 8 ends on October 16. In some regions of Nepal and for some communities Dashain is a 15-day festival.

Dashain begins with the Ghatasthapana, a pot containing seeds which will sprout and reach nearly 3-inch to 5-inch length by the final day of Dashain. Some of the rituals that are observed during Dashain are quite similar to those observed during Navratri and Durga Puja in India.

The eighth day of Dashain is referred as Kala Ratri there is sacrifice of animals to the Goddess. Animal right activists and Nepali government is trying hard to educate the general public to not to perform animal sacrifice but very few are listening to the campaign. Sadly, the finer aspects of Dashain is lost in this cruel ceremony and foreign media uses this as an opportunity to lash out against Hinduism in Nepal.

You can find more details about how Dashain is observed in Nepal in this article.

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