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Why New Mahabharat Serial on 9X Channel Failed To Impress?

Ekta Kappor’s New Mahabharat Serial titled ‘Kahaani humaaray Mahabharat ki’ now being aired on 9X channels is different in all aspects. It is too different that there is no Mahabharata instead what we have is a potboiler which uses the story of Mahabharat to display flashy costumes – reminding one of Hollywood mythical movies – and weapons straight out of videogames. Everything is trendy and different but without soul and no Mahabharata culture. Total disrespect to ancient Indian culture and lack of proper research is evident in all aspects of the serial.

Don’t even think about comparing Ekta’s New Mahabharat Serial with BR Chopra’s Mahabharat. The Mahabharata of 90s even though unsophisticated was full of innocence but what it lacked in technology it made up with immortal songs and dialogues and performances by the lead actors.

This new version Mahabharata deliberately tries to be different and wants to present something which is fresh and something that the Indians have never seen before. But the producers of the New Mahabharat Serial forgot that Indians do watch Hollywood movies and do play computer games. They also forgot that Indians hold Mahabharata close to their heart. Many aspects that are discussed in the Mahabharata are part of Indian culture and many aspects are part of daily life of millions of Hindus.

Some of the major issues with Ekta’s New Mahabharat:

  • Mahabharata is not Greek mythology or Gladiator or Harry Potter or other Western mythology. Mahabharat is full of life – it deals with human emotions, it deals with everyday problems faced by human beings. It is not costumes or weapons that attract people to Mahabharata but the content – basically how a single flaw in one’s action changes the course of one’s life or the life of a family. That is why Vyasa said there is nothing that is not found in the Mahabharat. Unfortunately, the new Mahabharat has everything but lacks the soul of Mahabharata, which is Sanskar.

  • There is no life in the characters. They fail to create a rapport with the audience. Instead of the characters it seem the audience is supposed to appreciate the tattoos, the dress and the make up.

  • Pathetic acting by the lead actors – straight out of Sas Bahu serials. Most actors are misfits to the particular roles and one can hardly relate them.

  • The use of black colored costumes which is not Indian but a straight lift from western mythology.

  • Dialogues are pathetic and what makes them even worse is the way they are uttered.

  • Art direction lacks originality often reminds of The Mummy and other related Hollywood movies.

There will no end to the list, if one were to point out the faults of the Kahaani humaaray Mahabharat ki. Everything in this Mahabharata is ‘paaraya’ and nothing is ‘humaaray.’


  1. When somebody is still highlighting our culture by bringing out something as important as Mahabharath then learn to appreciate it, Ekta has done a swell job, excellent presentation and if you want the real authentic version then read Mahabharath and use your imagination instead of criticizing excellence that Ekta has definitely expressed in her serial. She has not made that serial just for you and few suppporters of BR Chopra but for everyone, got it? now learn to appreciate what's good and even BRC had his flaws. About the six pack abs? all warriors needed to stay fit and about the constume color, do u know that it is said that Hindus had Aryans as their ancestors? now I do not support that theory personally as I believe hinduism was the first ever religion but, aryans were Greeks, russians and mesopotamians. For more details mail me on as I'am not going to check your blog again. It was random surfing that I checcked it this time.

  2. Exactly written what we audience thought of at the first instant - GREEK MAHABHARATA.

    This is the most silliest and stupidest thing to happen to Indian TV serials,,,,,

    Ekta Kapoor can take some silly audiences (like the one commented above), who doesn't have an inkling of what Mahabharata or its rich history is about, for a ride.

    I can only say one world to this tamasha - PATHETIC!!!

  3. I agree with you. The new mahabharat lacks the soul of the old one. This is a disaster. Seems like they forgot the script and worked only on the technical aspects [event they are of poor quality], which makes sure the new Mahabharat is a damp squib.

  4. Ridiculous, the show is like any other ridiculous indian soap, with silly direction, camera work, and the worst acting ever. Ruined a fantastic story, this could have been done so much better. People are switching off everyday.

  5. Well but the story is the same, only the costumes make the difference. It doesn't matter. No one knew what type of costumes were worn by people lived before 5000 years. So concentrate on story. (Though I don't like the effects)

  6. B. R. Chopra's Mahabharata was of high standard then what, just my brother told me about this "Kahaani humaaray Mahabharat ki", aired on 9X channel. Saas Bahu already affecting females of India, Now this is running to carry on even with first viewers and kids.

    Buy B. R. Chopra's Mahabharat and watch, let this be for the makers only.

  7. I completely agree with you.. let the new generation breath the ancient richness..Still our Indians are emotional..they find soul beyond matter...she tried to show something new...Thats daring attempt but she failed..I didnt like the characters atall..nobody seems to be a devoted character... the characters are acting for the money and fame and so they failed. their acting is not coming from the we are not touched...mahabharata show our Indian culture which is unknown to new generation...New generation has started their brains to work technically but still they havent lost the rich taste... lets not criticize this new mahabharata but also not appreciate it... criticize will make it a myth only and appreciate will change the mahabharata concept in future...what to do??? take lessons you new generation...

  8. Aryans were indians - read Rig Veda and Shrikant G Talageri offers good evidence that aryans did not invade india but were always here. It is westerners who have tried to rewrite indian history to suit themselves.

    There is also evidence that Greek mythology is little more than a pale impersonation of indian philosophy.

  9. yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ekta is pathetic!!!!!!!! she can only make serials where the husband and wife is exchanged ever other episode......

  10. and i m glad dat finally this show"kahani mahabharat ki' dint work... n nowa days not aired!!! shakuni n his wife wer all like d villians and vamps in d k series... i really do think it was pathetic.. donnoe why but hav got a habit of watching punit issar as duryodhana, pankaj dhir as karna, mukesh khanna as bhishma pitamaha, arjun as arjun n d dearest nitish bharadwaj as krishna.. hav ya seen d actor performing krishna in new series.. oh goshhh..just bakwass!!!
    i like old mahabharat. n even today i watch it.. i wasc 5 yrs old wen it was first time being aired... 22 yrs i m still watching it, again n agian... n i'll surely buy its cds to show it to my children!! :)

  11. well i would lik to say just one thing and that is i liked ths mahabharat more than th old mahabharata, i m nt here to criticise th old version of it bt in my opnion ths 1 wasfar more gud than the old one,1 thng is fr sure that the charcters played by th actors in th old maabharat was no doubt vry gud bt we cnt say that th nw ones didnt do their job well,and as far th questions whch r raised regrding the body of th characters played in th new mhabharata on tht i wud like to comment that if u r a warrior thn in that case u r reqd to b fit enough,n so if thy have made their body thn why nt show it.

  12. I know its off air but i happened to watch a few episodes on youtube.

    This has to be the most pathetic ever remake.

    I dont care much for the costumes. Its the performance , direction and execution of the epic that made the old Mahabharata what it was - A grand success. The characters LIVED their parts.

    Less said about the new ones the better. Draupadi shrieked , Duryodhan put on this intense brooding act for God knows what! And Shakuni--- he looks like a Z grade film rapist! hehehehe


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