Tamil Month Aadi in 2008

Aadi, the fourth month in Tamil Calendar, is considered as inauspicious by many as the Dakshinayana Punyakalam, the night time of Gods, begins in the month. But the month Aadi also noted for a number of unique Tamil rituals and festivals and therefore many people are not ready to attach the inauspicious tag to the month and claim it to be auspicious. In 2008, Tamil Month Aadi begins on July 16 and ends on August 16.

Update: Aadi Month in 2009

The Tuesdays in the month Aadi is highly auspicious and is referred as Aadi Chevvai. Another unique feature nowadays in Aadi month is the special Aadi sales, a shopping extravaganza of clothes and jewellery aimed at all sections of the society.

Dakshinayana Punyakalam, or popularly known as Karak Sankranti in North India, begins on the first day of the month Aadi. In 2008, it is on August 16. The sun changes its direction during this period and next six months is the night time of the gods. Due to this reason, no auspicious events are held in the month.

The next important day and first festival in Aadi 2008 is the Aadi Karthigai. A festival dedicated to Skanda or Muruga. In 2008, it is on July 27.

The next auspicious day is Aadi Amavasai. It is the auspicious day to pay tribute to dead ancestors. In 2008, it is on August 1.

The next important festival is Aadi Perukku. The festival is dedicated to River Kaveri and falls on the eighteenth day in Aadi Month. In 2008, it is on August 2.

Another auspicious day is Aadi Pooram. It is dedicated to Andal and in 2008, the date of Aadi Pooram is August 4

One of the widely observed rituals in Aadi month is the Varalakshmi Puja. In 2008, the date of the puja is August 15.