Important Hindu Festivals and Auspicious Days in August 2008

Dates of important festivals associated with Hinduism in 2008 August – based on major Hindu calendars used in India.

1st August - Surya Grahan (Total Solar Eclipse)

1st August, 2008 – Hariyali Amavasi – New moon

1st August – Aadi Amavasai in Tamil Nadu - Bheemana Amavasya in Karnataka

1st August - Karkidaka Vavu Bali in Kerala

2nd August – Shravan month begins in Gujarat and Maharashtra

2nd August – Aadi Perukku

4th August - Hariyali Teej

4th August – Aadi Pooram or Aandal Jayanthi

6th August – Nag Panchami in some parts of North India (also on 5th in some calendars)

7th August – Shasti Vratam

7th August – Kalki Jayanti

8th August - Goswami Tulsi Das Jayanti

12th August – Ekadasi – Pavitra Ekadashi

15th August 2008 – Varamahalakshmi Vrata

14th August – Pradosham

16th August – Raksha Bandan – Rakhi Festival

16th-17th August - Chandra Grahan (Lunar Eclipse)

16th August – Akshar Purnima – Pournami – Rakhi Poornima – Sravana Purnima in Andhra Pradesh

16th August - Avani Avittam in Kerala and Tamil Nadu

16th August – Rig and Yajur Upakarma in Karnataka

17th August 2008 - Malayalam month Chingam begins

17th August – Tamil Month Aavani Begins

17th August – Hindi Month Bhadrapad Begins

18th August – Bengali Month Bhadra Begins

19th August - Kajjali Teej

20th August – Sankashti Chaturthi Vrata

23rd August – Sri Krishna Jayanti in South India and some parts of North India

24th August – Sri Krishna Janmashtami in North India

27th August – Ekadasi – Aja Ekadashi

28th August – Pradosham

30th August – Amavasi

31st August – Bhadrapad Month Begins in Gujarat and Maharashtra