Wise sayings from Poems of Raja Bhartruhari

The face has been attacked with wrinkles,
the head has been painted with white grey hair,
the limbs are all enfeebles;
but desire alone is rejuvenating and remaining young.

In enjoyment, there is the fear of disease;
in social position, the fear of falling-off;
in wealth, the fear of hostile kings;
in honor, the fear of humiliation;
in power, the fear of foemen;
in beauty, the fear of old age;
in scriptural erudition, the fear of opponents;
in virtue, the fear of traducers;
in body, the fear of death.
All the things of this world pertaining to man are attended with fear;
renunciation alone stands for fearlessness.

Raja Bhartruhari – a well-known poet and philosopher who lived centuries ago

(Source: ‘Vairagya Satakam’ by Swami Madhavananda)