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Ramayana Related Sites in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to several places associated with the Hindu epic Ramayana. Lanka was the kingdom of Ravana, the demon king. Lanka witnessed some of the most awe inspiring incidents in the Ramayana after Ravana kidnapped Mata Sita and brought her to Lanka. The search for Sita brought, Lord Ram, Lakshman and the Vanara Sena (Monkey Army) led by Sugriva and Hanuman to Lanka.

In Hinduism, Ramayana and Mahabharata are ‘ithihasas’ (history). So it is only natural to stumble upon places mentioned in the Ramayana. In the modern day Sri Lanka, there are several sites which aptly fit into the descriptions found in the Ramayana.

After Kidnapping Sita, Ravana took her to Seetakotuwa or Sitakotuwa. The place was then known as Goorulupota. It is believed that Mandodari, the wife of Ravana and the Queen of Lanka lived here. Seetakotuwa is about 10 km from Mahiyangana and ruins of a prosperous city can be found here.

In the Ramayana, Sita was held captive in the Ashoka Vana (forest) and this place is the present Sita Eliya in Sri Lanka. There are a large number of Ashoka trees at Sita Eliya and around 100 years ago three idols including that of Sita was excavated from here and it can be found in a small temple on the riverbank here. Some of the other interesting finds here are the stream used by Sita and a rock on which Sita sat and meditated. Today, there are two modern temples here one dedicated to Sita and another dedicated to Hanuman.

It is believed that Hanuman after finding Mata Sita at the Ashoka Vana, used the Ritigala Mountain as a launching pad to jump to the Southern tip of India. Even today Ritigala is the highest prominence between Sri Lanka and South India. It is also believed that a part of the mountain from the Himalayas with herb carried by Hanuman fell at Ritigala. A particular area in Ritigala, even today possess vegetation which is remarkably different from the surrounding areas and the area contains many herbs.

Hakagala Gardens, which is 10 km south of Nuwara Eliya, is yet another piece of chunk that fell from the mountain brought by Hanuman. This place too has a remarkably different soil and vegetation from surrounding areas and is noted for its herbs.

The rest of the mountain brought by Hanuman is found at Rumassala which is situated in the southern coast overlooking the Galle Harbor. Rumassala has numerous herbs and is different from the surrounding areas in soil and vegetation.

Other places of interest include, Ravana Kotte in the south eastern coast of Sri Lanka. Sea has devoured Ravana Kotte but when the waves are silent dilapidated structures can be seen here.

Another interesting place is the Ravana Ella cave. It is said that on hearing Lord Ram and his army approaching, Ravana moved Sita deep into the jungle to the place known as Ravana Ella Cave. There is a waterfall nearby.

Sculptures, stone works and granite slabs can be found at Maligawa Tenna near Welimada and it is believed that it was an important place associated with Ravana’s Kingdom.

It is now believed and advertised that the legendary Pushpaka Vimanam (flying machine of Ravana) could have landed at Werangatota, about 10 km from Mahiyangana, east of Nuwara Eliya.

Yudhaganapitiya, north of Nuwara Eliya, is believed to be the spot where the Rama-Ravana battle took place. There are boulders scattered here and many have dents from the result of the epic battle.

Apart from this there are numerous other places associated with the epic Ramayana.

(The post will be updated with the new findings.)


  1. I hope the research could be extended in correlation with the archiological evidence found in Hampi - Hospet - Bellary District - Karnataka state - South India - Asia.....there we could find

    1. Sugriva cave
    2. Queen seeta's jewellery marks near a hill
    3. King Rama's fight with Vaali
    4. Temples
    5. Ponds....e.t.c....

    all the best ! :-)

  2. Rama is so strong. He should not have killed Vali and Rama would have got Sita more easily becaus Vali defeated a animal with the strengt of a thousand elephants. Why would Ravana keep Sita for so long that Rama is defeating the Rakseshas and Sis so easily

  3. Ravana is a rebirth of the devout gatekeeper of Mahavishnu. Vishnu loved him a lot. He was cursed by a muni because he did not let the muni inside the when Vishnu was resting. The Muni Cursed him to be born in the next 3 births as the Biggest Enemy to Vishnu. So, he was born as Hiranya Kashyapu, Ravana and Kamsa.

    It was imperative that Ravana does as much sin as possible so that Lord vishnu(In the form of RAM) himself kills him and gives him salvation. If Bali was alive, then Ravana couldnt have taken away Sita from his forest. Coz Ravan was scared of Bali. Bali had defeated Ravan and spared his life in many occasions. If Bali kills Ravan, he wouldnt get salvation.

    Another reason could be that due to abduction of Sita, Ravan became an enemy to RAM. After this, he kept thinking of RAM (IN AN ANGRY MANNER). He wanted to kill RAM and own sita. In the due course, he unknowingly (though angrily) chanted Rams name so much that, eventually god had to listen to him and give him salvation. :)

    This is what I could infer from my readings of different comments from people...

  4. NASA has issued the photographs of the well known ancient Adam’s bridge between the north Sri Lanka and south India. This mysterious bridge claims to be built by Rama legendary king of Ramayana, which took place 1,700,000 years back.


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