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Hanuman in Hollywood

Times of India reports about a movie on Hanuman from Hollywood. The film is being planned by Los Angeles based producer Uru Patel.

TOI reports

The film was to be made by Uru's brother Raju (Rajendra Kumar's son-in-law) four years ago. However, Raju's untimely death put Hanuman on the backburner.

Now Uru has revived it and plans to release the film to be directed by Luiz Mendoki globally.

A two-minute Rs 125 crore promo of the film will be shot in LA over the next few weeks which will be taken to big studios for a distribution deal.

Well, the Hollywood hanuman seems to be in its infant stage. But many of the popular superheroes in the west already have shades of Hanuman and many other mythological characters in Hinduism. To be fair, I have always felt that the superheroes in the west were clever adaptations of Hanuman and his likes from Hindu mythology.

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